What is included in the
E-blanks kit?

1. Magazine

The Magazine has a special sound device, advanced electronics and a powerful battery package, to form both the ‘brains’ and the power supply of the E-blanks™ system.

3 Charging Unit

Every E-blanks system comes with powerful battery chargers for indoor and outdoor use.  Charging solutions are flexible and can range from single charging units to multiple charging racks.  Diagnostic and Maintenance software can also be implemented when the E-blanks Magazines are placed in the Charging Unit(s).

5 Transport Cases

E-blanks Systems are always delivered in robust, protected transport cases for safety and security.  Transport boxes can be sized and scaled to meet Customer requirements.

2 Recoil Module

The recoil module consists of components that will simulate the recoil of the weapon. It also contains a Class 1 Eyesafe Laser, that will travel down the weapon barrel each time a shot is fired, to simulate muzzle flash. It is installed in a similar way to a normal weapon Bolt and Buffer Spring.

4 Muzzle Flasher

The Muzzle Flasher will be attached over the Flash Suppressor.  The device has a diffuser which reflects the laser beam from the Recoil Module and simulates the effect of muzzle flash when firing.  The reflector also protects the barrel from ingress of dust, dirt and water (or snow).

Are there any reference projects?

Around 100 E-blanks systems have been delivered so far. Customers include the following:

  • • UK Special User

  • • US Marine Corps

  • • US Army

  • • Multiple B2B sales to Defence and Simulation companies for integration with other systems

How easy is the assembly?

Assembly in a similar way to a normal weapon Bolt and Buffer Spring. Installation takes around one to two (1-2) minutes.



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