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GREEN AMMO is pleased to inform you that we have developed a new, modular and scalable E-blanks system that includes a number of improvements on the previous version and also the possibility to customize E-blanks according to specific customer needs to achieve combat soldier readiness, while also realizing significant costs savings compared to previous version.

New options include:

E-blanks Basic will include the main weapon functions and handling SOP`s, such as muzzle flash, simulated shot sound and weapon mechanical sounds, normal magazine change, stoppages and more.

The system is quick and easy to assemble without cables.

The E-blanks Advance will give the system a new dimension and will offer “out of aim” recoil, sound and increased operation time. Fitted with tracking systems for weapon handling and functions, wireless communication and software that are easily integrated with other systems.

The Muzzle Flasher also offers the option to use a laser for marksmanship training and also a camera to capture the aiming point when firing.

Analyzing/monitoring shooting performance can be done through Apps on PC, Pads and Smartphones.

The baseline design of E-blanks is also generic, meaning that it can be easily adapted to other weapon types with relatively simple modifications.

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