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The E-blanks system

The magazines are equivalent weights to magazines with live rounds and can be programmed to replicate the same rate of stoppages associated with live ammunition.

E-blanks come in two main modules:

  • Main module with sound device and integrated electronics within the weapons magazine.

  • Recoil module inserted in the bolt slide, this connects to the main module through powerful contact points when the magazine is inserted.

  • Mounting the system is quick; there is no need for major modifications to the weapon. This solution is simple, straightforward, robust and unique.


The benefits



There will be no contamination of the environment through use of the system.


The system generates no high-speed fragments, gives no smoke and allows the control of volume. E-blanks can therefore be operated in confined or hazardous environments safely and without the need for complex risk assessments. These unique features will add new dimensions and opportunities when training for operations worldwide.

Shipping, Transportation and Storage

Transportation and Storage: E-blanks contains no explosives or propellants therefore there are none of the strict regulations normally associated with import/export, general transportation or storage of blank firing ammunition.


Training and Exercising with


 Armed Forces and Law Enforcement units increasingly exercise asymmetric warfare such as CQB in urban environments. When using E-blanks in these circumstances operators and opposing forces will no longer be required to use protective clothing and Blank Firing Attachments (BFA’s) nor will there be a need to impose unrealistic safety distances.


The system also provides the opportunity to practice in environments where pyrotechnics are not generally permitted. The ability to reduce the firing volume allows exercises to be conducted without the need for opposing forces and exercise players to be forewarned of an imminent assault by being ordered to wear hearing protection.


A reduced volume whilst training also allows instructors to

communicate with exercising troops when procedures such as immediate action or assault drills are being carried out.


Training with the E-blanks system will mitigate the high rate of stoppages associated with traditional blank firing ammunition therefore training can be conducted without unrealistic interruptions.

Never the less the system allows the operator or instructor the ability to program in stoppages and malfunctions in order to train specifically for these occurrences.

weapon wear

Weapon wear

Much of the wear inflicted of modern weapons is as a direct result of using blank ammunition, not just from the movement of baring surfaces but also from continual cleaning after training. As the Eblanks system incorporates limited moving parts or propellant deposits there is no associated wear. This greatly increases the service life of each weapon.


Time saving

A large percentage of valuable training time is lost to the procedures associated with the use of traditional blank ammunition. The collection, transportation, issue and preparation of blank ammunition before the training has even started will be a thing of the past.


The use of the E-blanks system means operators will no longer spend training time filling and emptying magazines or picking up empty cases once training is finished. The E-blanks equivalent of filling a magazine is the push of the butt on.


At the end of the training day there will be no requirement to strip and clean the weapon and magazines other than to wipe off dust and dirt. The net result of these savings is more time spent practicing vital drills.


The E-blanks system will give greater flexibility to training scenarios at all levels bridging the gap between the need to conduct ‘dry drills’ prior to the issue and use of blank ammunition and BFA ’s. When using the E-blank system there will be no restrictions on quantities i.e. running out of blanks.



E-blanks will not be comparable with the running costs of using blank ammunition. This will give units a one-time investment that provides the user virtually unlimited use with no extra costs.


This system gives the potential to significantly reduce the ammunition budgets to operational units worldwide. One E-blanks magazine will give approximately 150,000 shots and be virtually maintenance free.


In addition almost all costs related to time and resources spent on environmental issues, cartridges disposal, weapon wear, logistics, shipping, safety measures and damage disappear.

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