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The E-blanks system

Train as you fight with the industry’s only 100% integrated drop-in kit

Tap into realistic, customizable training simulation with Green Ammo’s patented electronic blanks (E-Blanks) system.

Available for AR-15/M4, 12.7mm/.050 caliber and M249 military weapon systems with kits for heavy weaponry in development. Trained users can convert live weapons to the E-Blanks system in just 40 seconds.


Bolt Simulator

Constructed in alignment with features of a live bolt and buffer spring, the E-Blanks bolt simulator is core to the functionality of the kit, delivering the movement necessary to trigger each component for simulated discharge.



Equivalently weighted to live magazines for accuracy, the magazine holds the E-Blanks system’s lithium ion battery package and sound device to power the system and deliver immersive sound effects.


Recoil Module

The patented recoil module delivers a realistic “kick” to simulate firing live and/or blank ammunition with precise timing between shots. The device also features a class 1 eyesafe laser that can be used to simulate muzzle flash when paired with the muzzle flasher.


Muzzle Flasher

Easy to mount on the E-Blanks system’s flash suppressor, the muzzle flasher features a diffuser to reflect the recoil module’s class 1 eyesafe laser and deliver simulated muzzle flash when firing.

Charging Unit

Built to maintain the E-Blanks system, the powerful battery chargers offer flexible compatibility with single units or multiple racks for indoor/outdoor use. The unit also offers diagnostic and maintenance software to support battery health and longevity.

Transport Cases

E-Blanks systems are always delivered in robust, protected transport cases for safety and security. Transport boxes can be sized and scaled to meet customer requirements.

Train with familiar weapons and a completely customizable experience

The Green Ammo E-Blanks system’s basic kit includes the bolt simulator and electronic magazine to rapidly convert live weapons for training. The kit also features a charging unit to support battery health and a tactical-grade transport case. Additionally, E-Blanks supports several upgrades for tailored training experiences:


  • The Recoil Module configured within the weapon’s buttstock attachment delivers a realistic “kick” to simulate firing live or blank ammunition for a more immersive training experience.

  • The Muzzle Flasher Module mounts to the E-Blanks system to supply visual simulation and target training through the module’s class 1 eyesafe laser.

  • The Data Collection Module enables tactical teams to tap into comprehensive insights on individual soldiers’ performance to personalize training exercises.


The E-Blanks system’s electronic nature delivers a significant reduction in wear and tear in comparison to traditional live or blank training systems, supporting lifetime cost savings.

Battery health is the overall driver of the longevity and lifespan of E-Blanks. With proper care, the kit’s lithium ion battery will deliver a minimum of 250,000 shots before requiring a replacement battery.

To date, more than 200 E-Blanks systems have been deployed to international military branches for testing and training simulation. E-Blanks is currently in use in:

  • UK Special User

  • US Marine Corps

  • US Army

  • Norwegian Army, Home Guard and Navy

  • French Army

  • New Zealand Army

E-Blanks is also undergoing testing with international defense and simulation companies for future integration with other systems.

Production and Transport
E-Blanks’ electronic nature eliminates the need for explosives or propellants, meaning the kit is not subject to the strict regulations surrounding live ammunition.

Developed and produced in Norway, the E-Blanks system can be shipped and transported as typical cargo.

Pricing and Costs
The E-Blanks system provides an estimated cost-per-round of $0.02, a 98% cost reduction in comparison to traditional blank rounds.

For more information about unit pricing, please contact info(at)

The benefits


Train-and-Track tactical exercises with E-Blanks

The Green Ammo E-Blanks training system offers a completely-electronic alternative to live and traditional blank ammunition for tactical training exercises, eliminating key pain points around cost, safety, sustainability.

Screen Shot 2024-02-19 at 3.37.28 PM.png

Train-as-you-fight with known weapons for soldier-specific or holistic team coordination.

E-Blanks systems’ hyper-realistic recoil, muzzle flash and simulated stoppage delivers fully-immersive training, enabling soldiers to train with the weapons they know in any environment - from the shooting range to high-stress combat scenarios.

Uplevel tactical preparedness and gain access to detailed training data with the E-Blanks data module upgrade.

With further insights available through the module, tactical groups can understand strengths and weaknesses in weapon handling in group and solo settings, enabling tactical teams to take a data-driven approach to training with customized programs.

Savings - Cost and Time
Offering a lifetime investment with minimal maintenance in contrast to the cost and upkeep associated with live or traditional blank ammunition, E-Blanks kit eliminates common issues associated with weapon wear and tear.

With proper care for the E-Blanks system’s lithium ion battery and electronic magazine replacements after 250,000 rounds, the kit can last for years, delivering major cost savings and proving the power of investment over continuous budget allocations.

The kit’s entirely electronic functionality eliminates time lost to procedures associated with the use of traditional ammunition, converting in just 40 seconds to maximize weapon use efficiency and training time.

With no propellant or explosive components, the completely electronic E-Blanks system eliminates safety risks associated with traditional live or blank ammunition. The absence of high-speed fragments and smoke enable teams to train with the systems in confined and previously protected environments, creating diverse training options for tactical preparedness.

The kit’s lithium ion battery has also undergone pressure testing for assured safety against risks associated with overcharging such as fire hazards or shock.

Traditional weapon systems, regardless of live or blank use, leave hundreds to thousands of spent rounds and fragments in the environment. The E-Blanks system’s 100% electronic nature eliminates residue.

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