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Green Ammo, AS Secures Patent on Innovative Simulated Recoil Technology for Electronic Blank Training

Company progresses on cutting-edge solution for cost-effective, sustainable training with third patent on E-Blanks training kit

SKIEN, Norway – March 15, 2024 - Green Ammo, AS, developers of the industry’s only drop-in electronic blanks system that offers 100 percent integration with tactical training programs, today announced the company has been awarded a patent for its cutting-edge electronic recoil simulator. The approval of the application, originally filed in 2020, awards Green Ammo complete rights to the recoil technology.


A key component of the Green Ammo electronic blanks (E-Blanks) training system, the recoil unit configured within the weapon’s buttstock delivers a realistic “kick” to simulate firing live and/or blank ammunition. When measured against existing electronic simulated firing systems, which produce inconsistent synthetic recoil by rotation and weight shifting, the company’s technology delivers more precise timing between shots. Additionally, the weapon kick produced by the unit offers shot-to-shot consistency, closely replicating the tactile response associated with existing ammunition solutions.


The Green Ammo E-Blanks system includes a bolt simulator, magazine, recoil buttstock, muzzle flash and sound booster to realistically replicate the firing process and support the ‘train as you fight’ philosophy. The kit offers realistic training simulations for soldiers by enabling tactical teams to train with familiar weapons such as AR-15/M4, 12.7mm/.050 caliber and M249 military weapon systems. The E-blanks systems’ drop-in integration offers full collaboration with multiple integrated laser engagement system (MILES) and transiting exoplanet survey satellite (TESS) synthetic training programs. In addition to realizing reduced costs, efficiency, increased sustainability and decreased risk, servicemen leveraging the E-Blanks system also unlock the ability to measure training status and evaluate individual soldiers’ performance, enhancing training quality.


“Tactical teams spend a large portion of their resources each year on blank ammunition that creates wear and tear on weapon systems and drastically reduces the efficacy and overall lifetime of the gear, while also creating safety hazards and logistic challenges,” said Rolf Inge Roth, CEO of Green Ammo. “With now three active patents on our E-Blanks solution, we’re pleased to cover 85 percent of the weapon systems in use by defense markets and have the opportunity to put our full force behind realizing continued innovation for the product.”


Green Ammo holds two prior patents for its E-Blanks weapon training kit, the first of which filed in 2010, covers the E-blank system concept, components and solution as a whole. Additionally, in 2015, the company filed its second patent for the drop-in bolt action simulator component, which loads directly into the weapons’ upper receiver to simulate a discharge and reinforces the solution’s initial patent.


For more information about the benefits of training with Green Ammo E-blanks, please visit:


About Green Ammo, AS

Green Ammo, AS is the pioneer of innovative 100 percent drop-in electronic blanks systems for tactical training applications. Delivering cost savings, reduced risk, sustainability benefits and more, the E-Blanks kit enables global warfighters to dramatically and measurably increase combat readiness while offering distinct advantages over the traditional blank firing systems.


Headquartered in Skien, Norway, Green Ammo, AS owns all global intellectual property (IP) rights to the E-Blanks system.

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